Monday, October 6, 2008

The devil on John's shoulder....

Hi, you know up until recently, for all my ranting on his policies, I had never really had a problem with McCain on a personal level. I thought he was a decent guy whose politics I simply disagreed with. But if he is going to start this smear campaign, I may just lose any respect I still have for him. Quite frankly, I had hoped he was above going where I fear he is has already started to go! Down a desperate stairway of 1/8 truths, and Lies, in a desperate attempt to lead the blind and skew Barack's good name. No deal with the devil is worth it, I hope that John McCain's conscience keeps him up at night. Because I can't beleive he doesn't know that it's wrong, if it wasn't he would have been doing it all along and not just when the ballgame is 10-0 in the eighth. Or has he been so blinded by his desire to win that he can't see the devil lurging on his shoulder. It makes me angry and a little sad too. An anger because John McCain out of a desperation finds it necessary to go UGLY. To rehash issues about Barack's EX minister, about a MILD association with Bill Ayers, who contributed $200 for Barack Obama's political campaign in 2001 and hosted a Tea. OMG.... Get real? Barack Obama was 8 years old when Ayers was a radical(terrorist)-opponent of the Vietnam War!! It's wrong for Barack Obama to be linked to Bill Ayers! It's so wrong, It makes my blood boil. I don't think that Sarah Palin beleives in witchcraft because there is a video showing a pastor at a church she attended talking about it. Or that John McCain thinks that the Catholic church is a WHORE, even though that is what one of his ministers said. We can't be blamed for what every person we've ever met, or even had a mild association with says or has done. We can't be linked to their beleifs or opinions! We would all have to be stepford people, not be polite to people, not give people a chance, judge them immediately. Have you ever met someone, formed a favorable opinion about someone and then found out something ugly about them? Does it mean you should never open up to others? Would you even know? Just as an example, I oppose people using the N word, but it doesn't mean that I've never been in a crowd where someone may have said it. I wouldn't want for someone to say well then "I" must be a racist. It's just stupid!! It makes me so angry--- that people are falling for this? Do they even have a clue who John McCain has been Associated with!!! Don't worry, If John McCain goes there-- I'm sure Barack Obama will have to tell you. But none of it should be happening, I don't judge others on who they've met or had a brief relationship with but who they are! So the whole thing it just wrong and it makes me so angry, this isn't what America needs, how are these lies and exagerations going to help our country, tell me honestly how is it going to help us? Will it help resolve issues? Will IT? Barack Obama is a fair person, I think he tries to listen to all kinds of people. Maybe it's because of this, that he's had an open mind when it comes to people. I happen to respect that, and when you are open and listen to all kinds of people, every now and then one of them happens to be a bad seed.

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