Friday, October 3, 2008

A cute Emily POLITICAL tale...

SO last night We were just starting Emily's homework and the TV was still on and a John McCain ad comes on and after it's over. Emily turns to me and says, "Why do they always say that?" I said, "Say What?" She Said, " They say, I'm John McCain and I approve this message or I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message" Which just made me laugh, because I thought it was very observant. So I said, " Well Because they are telling you all the reasons they think people should vote for them or reasons not to vote for the other guy" She says, "Oh" and then goes on to make her own political ad for Barack Obama-- I can't remember what she said exactly but it went something like this, " Vote for Barack Obama. Because we love our country and because he will help us to be better Americans--- I'm Emily Roach and I approve this message" It was longer but that was pretty much the gist of it.

TOO CUTE! What can I say she's our kid!

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