Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tuesday's Philadelphia Primary

Well I don't live in Philadelphia... but it didn't stop me from getting a call from a PRE-RECORDED Bill Clinton asking me to come to a rally for Hillary Clinton. But I didn't vote for Hillary CLinton(in the NJ primary), I voted for Barack Obama. I hope that he wins but I'll vote for Hillary if she is the democratic choice. However as I watched the primary on television last night I was disturbed by something I heard. A larger portion of Hillary Supporters said they would NOT vote for Barack if he was the candidate. SOme even said they WOULD vote for MCcain. HOwever more of Barack's would if it was the other way around. I was upset by this, not the Baracks would but that Hillary's would NOT... Well for one thing I've been optimistic about this election. My thoughts were we have an African American and a Women that have a bonafied chance of winning-- I was feeling proud that we as Americans maybe are ready for this. All those years of horrible racial tensions, ugliness and inequalities of women and blacks were maybe really truly changing not just outwardly but the true feelings of people. THat it was wonderful the fact that an African American and a Woman were running wasn't being made to be SUCH a big deal. I felt(& still do) good & PROUD to be an American and then I hear something like this and it makes me wonder if I'm right, if maybe still their is SOOOO many people that when confronted with the idea of a black man runnning are still prejudice. Maybe that's not it at all. Maybe they don't think he has enough experience but I don't know, it's hard for me to understand that feeling becuase I am so looking for a change and a breathe of fresh air and I feel like Barack is 100% capable. SO I can't wrap my head around the idea that when comfronted with Barack or Mccain, they would choose to just not vote or vote for the other side. I really thought that most democrats would stand with their party and maybe the democrats will--- Maybe it's like Brian's been saying it's those Independents we have to worry about. Although I think that he was thinking they would go with Barack... but the exit polling doesn't support his theory or mine. Maybe I'm worrying about this prematurely... I mean there is still ALOT of time left and who knows how different things will be when McCain gets back in the race. Maybe those people will change their minds... maybe something will happen to change mine.... Although I doubt it. But you never know maybe something will be brought to light that hasn't. It's already gotten a lil' bit muddy in there but I hope, I really hope that the democrats will rise above it and come together and DO THE RIGHT THING. And that Hillary or Barack will step aside peacefully and gracefully and in a way that unites the party becuase I don't want it to get ugly. I worry that all these new young voters will be so upset if Super Delegates give it to Hillary. Who knows what might happen but I truly hope that we(either side) will take the loss gracefully, and look at the BIGGER picture, we NEED a democrat in the office. Just my thoughts... PEACE PEOPLE!!

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