Friday, January 25, 2008

Life and Death

I wanted to write a quick blog, since it's been a while. It's so Sad, about Heath Ledger. I really liked him as an actor. Thought he was incredibly talented. I've been really bothered by his death, I mean anytime someone so young dies it is sad... But I do think that I feel more sad then I would for someone else I've never met. I mean I didn't know him, but I do feel like he somehow touched my life because I enjoyed his acting. I got something out of it... be it laughter or tears. I was touched by his performances. I think that is why I feel very sad about it. It may not make sense or it may. I don't know... I also am feeling so very sad for his family.... I know that pain. It is heartwrenching. It is so hard. Okay, anyway, I'm going to move on.... Emily is her usually wonderful self. SHe is doing good, and she is still doing fantastic with her school work. Her last set of test/quizzes from school had 12 different test ... she got one 98 and 10 100's and one 110 cuz of a extra credit question. God, she really is so SMART.. I can't beleive it, and ofcourse am just so proud of her always. I think she is doing well socially too, but we will find out more at parent/teacher conferences which will be in early Feb. She got a note two weeks ago that said she had a bad week (emotional meltdowns) but that was the first note in a while so I'm hoping it was just that week. She really is such a good kid. We are so lucky. I know I say that ALOT but it's so true. I just love her SO much. Last night, Danielle and I went to dinner and then we went to the " Christmas Tree Shoppe" , great place if you haven't been... especially when you don't have a lot of money but are in the mood to shop. ME, right now. We aren't completely broke but we are trying NOT to use any Credit cards at all, so it's a little harder to have disposible funds. But I am trying to get organized so I got some little containers and things for the house and it was fun! I love going shopping with Danielle, because she shops very simalar to me. We mozy..... we look! No pressure (well except at Christmas!) Not too much else going on.... OH yeah... one thing....Oh my GOD... Almost forgot... Brian is getting a vasectimy on Feb 1st. So that's pretty major. I think it's a good thing, but part of me I don't know why is a little bit sad. It's just so permanent. I guess. Done... Finished.. No more. I don't really want anymore children... I mean Emily is so amazing... We were so blessed with her and I am not sure I could go thru what we went thru with Emily a 2nd time. Since the doc's can't promise me that I would not deliver early again. I just can't go thru it again. Emily was such a miracle, I'm not sure I have the right to ask for more. Does that make sense? So, we will get it done. Well Brian will. He says he isn't nervous. God, I wish a little of his bravado would rub off on me. I'm nervous and I'm not the one getting my "members" messed with. ;) Okay... Well if you read this.. maybe pray for his...... well you know. PEACE OUT, and remember to VOTE.

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