Friday, January 4, 2008

The IOWA Caucus!!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Okay, we watched the Iowa Caucus all night long last night and didn't go to bed until well after 1 am so I am a little exhausted!! But I'm also really excited about what I saw!!!! I am really happy that Barack won, and only slightly disappointed that it wasn't John Edwards... My first choice! I am still upbeat because John Edwards came in 2nd! He has been 3rd in the national polls so maybe this will give him a boost... after a few more primaries we will see. Oh my god though, I got chills listening to Barack Obama's victory speech. I felt such pride, listening to him, and believing in the "America" that he speaks of. Wanting to truly believe that we are "One Nation" and that not only a select people feel this way but the majority of people. It was inspiring! He is charismatic! He is Awesome! I would be proud to call him "my President"! I haven't felt that in a while. Proud of our President! I also think that while Huckabee won the caucus I don't think he has staying power. I think he is tooo religious for a state like New Hampshire. Which just makes the republican field seem still up in the air alot! But I don't know. I think that Mitt Romney is having a bad day.... Oh Well.. I mean to spend all that money and not get anywhere.. OH well I feel so sad for him... TRULY... Poor fellow. Anyway, What I want more then anything is just for a democrat to win and with the Record # of democrats/independence/and (as Hilary) stated Republicans that have seen the light, that came out to support the democrats.. I for one think it is clear that their will be a democrat in the white house. I should not be so bold becuase my track record isn't good. I was so disappointed in 2004.. I felt like someone had died, what I realized was my spirit had a little.... Atleast a little! I am feeling really upbeat right now. It feels really nice to be this pumped up about the election... and soon I will be deciding who exactly I want to throw my support around, not just a democrat but "THE democrat". :)

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