Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lovin' Jack Johnson

Okay... right now I am listening to Jack Johnson's CD "Better Together", it is an awesome CD. I know it's not new or anything, but I started listening to it again the other day and I really like it. Calm, Inspiring, Real, just really good. Anyway, I worked today for a few hours doing the bookkeeping for my friend's co. Then I came home, caught up with how Emily's day was at school, changed the cat liter (yuck) and made the bed. Okay, now it's my time--- so this is what I've decided to do with it. I should walk on the treadmill... but I don't really feel like it. Well atleast I walked yesterday, it had been a few days before that. Anyway, Bill Clinton was at the College that my brother attends. Camden County COllege today. I didn't go to listen to him or anything just Fernando told me about it. He didn't go either. He doesn't really care about politics, yet. I would have liked to have gone but I've been a little disappointed by BIll and Hilary lately. I think I really am going to vote for Barack come Election day ( I still like John Edwards but I'm afraid it's not going to happen for him ) Sad, because I think he would make a great president, but I am beginning to think that about Barack as well. He is SO inspiring, I want to believe in the "America" he speaks about. I think as long as he surrounds himself with really experienced- like thinking- people he will be a great president. What he may lack in experience he makes up in commen sense and compassion. Those things really do matter!!!! It's hard to remember that since we've had a goober in the White house for so long. Oh well, that's just my opinion anyway. :) I get so upset listening to President Bush speak, I must admit, I did not even watch his speech last night. I don't care how he spins it... the economy is for shit, the world is literally melting away, gas prices are sky high, we are still in Iraq losing our bravest, my own brother doesn't have health insurance because he isn't covered under my husbands anymore and doesn't have a full time/ or part time job and it's so expensive to get it for him. We just need a better plan and a better person running this country. I can't wait! I can't wait until it's over, The end of Bush's reign! Hooray, because I just don't beleive it can get any worse. ( I am ofcourse knocking on wood becuase well you can't take any chances) Okay, I really didn't mean to go on and on like that, it just happens. See for my own sanity we need another president. This one angers me so. Anyway, that's enough on that subject. ON a lighter and nicer note... Brian's aunt Barbara sent us an invitation to visit Georgia with them in March. She invited all 3 of her Nephews and their families. I hope we can go becuase it's been a while since Emily and I went on any kind of "real" vacation. (Brian doesn't count becuase he went to Ireland) It would also be really nice to see Barb and Nic again. I was just telling Brian we really need to try and find a way to get Florida to see them this year. We saw them in Sept for Niki's wedding but really did not get to spend alot of time with them. We were not sure we would be able to because we really want to go to New Mexico this year to visit Pat. We are the only ones who have yet to see her home in NM. SO we really need to do it this year. That didn't leave us much $ for alot else. So this might work out, unless their are expenses we don't know about for the Georgia trip. Atleast it's a possibilty. We haven't really talked about it yet. We pretty much just both read the email. So we'll have to get some more details and figure out if the timing works out for us. We have already decided that we will go see Pat whenever the fare is the cheapest. SO we don't really have a date set for that yet. Okay, I better go this was a lot longer blog then I intended to write and I need to go spend some time with Emily. :)

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