Friday, September 11, 2015

a "Back to school" tid bit!

I discovered a very valuable "back to school" tid bit a few years ago,  that I'm going to share with you. It's the greatest back to school supply ever (ok.. I might be exaggerating but honestly it'll change your school life... Ok.. i'm still exaggerating ... but you get the idea) It's brilliant... listen up... when your children get to middle school & high school  they might have "notebook" checks.   When my daughter was in 7th grade,  her math teacher did notebook checks each semester.   It was a nightmare, a semesters worth of work, all needing to be in the 3 ring binder.  I mean get real, no matter the good intentions of the student, loose leaf paper gets ripped, it looks a mess... it was at least a two night job for Emily (with my help) to put those little reinforcement circles on the papers.  It was a "minor" nightmare!!!  SO LISTEN TO ME NOW.... do yourself a favor, go out and buy "reinforced" loose leaf paper..... it has a little strip of a "plastic" glue like substance down the circle edge of the paper & will help keep the paper from ripping from the rings.  It will prevent a maddening time with those little self sticking reinforcement circles that need to be added to each side of each individual ripped paper, and will save your child so much time and effort.  The paper is way more expensive... it doesn't matter!  I repeat... IT DOESN'T MATTER... go buy it anyway! Trust me... my husband found it on sale at staples from $5 down to $2... we bought all they had in stock! 7 (100 sheet) packets! You may be tempted by the .25c 200 sheet "crap" paper packets that the stores all have at back to school time, don't be.  Don't do it!! Buy the reinforced loose leaf paper!  That's all.   Have a good day! OHHHHH & don't even get me started on buying cheap 3 ring binders... you'll end up using 3 cheap ones a year because they rip at the seams... don't do it! Ok...Ok... that's really all.

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