Friday, June 4, 2010

Emily "BIG GIRL" email

Dear CVS,
I would like you to STOP MAKING SUCH NASTY MEDICINE! That one medicine my dad got for me- the Children’s Cough and Cold DM Exlir-
was so nasty it almost made me THROW UP! EWWWW! It was so nasty that I thought it was the nastiest medicine ever!  And Mommy thought it was BETTER than Delsym-which is also nasty! Also EWWWW! All the medicines I have taken over the years are NASTY and EWWW- except for moxcacillan(I think that’s how you spell it). Moxcacillian is the greatest medicine ever taken.  But as for the others- STOP MAKING THEM!    

Your Friend,
Emily Roach, Age 9

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