Monday, January 28, 2013

Movie Review: Our Very Own

Watched this movie again today.... SO love it!!!! This is a great example of a "Missy Movie"

Our Very Own is set in 1978 in Shelbyville TN.  At the heart of the movie is the friendship between 5 teenagers Clancy, Malora, Bobbie, Ray & Glen who are always looking for ways to break free of their small town. This consist mostly of trying to figure out which one of their parents cars they can borrow for any given night.  The story centers on Clancy Whitfield played by Jason Ritter, who's family is going through a hard time after his alcoholic father loses his job & that could cost the family everything including their own house.  Clancy tries to keep everything going on to himself & just wants to be a normal kid around his friends.  Who are his escape for all that is going wrong in his life.  Clancy's closest friend & love interest is Malora who wants to become like her idol "Shelbyville's" own Sondra Locke *a real actress from Shelbyville who was famous for being in all those Clint Eastwood movies back in the '70's.  The rumor is Sondra will be coming home for her movie premiere, & the local walking horse show & that has all the kids buzzing especially Malora who wants to be "just like her"  This is a great movie because it's characters are rich. From the gossipy waitress at the local diner to Malora's sassy mother. The casting for this movie is superb & you really believe each one of them could be from this small town.  I love this movie!! :)

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