Monday, January 28, 2013

Missy Movies...

I've always enjoyed movies... I think working in a video store for 8 years starting in 1990 helped cement it... I started working part time at a video store right out of high school & continued working there til 1998 having worked my way up to store manager & knowing at that time the business was dying, video stores were failing at a rampant rate... the end was near! BUT I can honestly say I loved working there during what I call "The age of the video store" because definitely by the 2000's the traditional video store was pretty much extinct.  I got out at a good time, & thankfully landed another more "grown up" job but I still think of my time at the video store fundly, even if by the end I was ready to move on. I've learned to, that I'd never have the kind of fun that I'd had there anywhere else.  Mostly because of  the group of people whom I worked with there were funny, & fantastic & just such characters, in the coolest sense of the word.  :) Anyway,  for 8 yrs movies were a big part of my life. Like most video stores,  Our employees were encouraged to watch movies, so we could recommend them to the customers. SO started the fine tuning of what I call "Missy Movies".  I found I had a certain type of movie I liked & found out it was NOT normally the BIG BUDGETED 100 copies kind of movie, that the video store would hope I would push.  I usually liked more character study independent movies, romantic comedy, teenage angst type, Mystery, Classics, along w/ the occasional HIT like My Cousin Vinny- which come on, who doesn't like that movie? SO those were the kinds of movies a customer would find under the banner" Missy Movies" on the employee recommendations end cap.  :) SO I've decided since I want to start writing more on this blog, & my life not being the most exciting & sometimes I just don't have much to say on here (sad as that sounds) & how I still love movies that I would start writing reviews of the movies I watch.... think of it as the virtual "Missy Movie" end cap. :) Plus we have HBO free for a limited time... haha! :) Anyway...  come back & check out the reviews & maybe I'll just have discovered a movie that you'll want to watch too.

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