Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emily, in her own time.

Just finished eating 2 Eggo waffles that we bought for EMily. They have little pictures of KUNG FU PANDA on them. It's kinda cool how they can do it and how there little marketing ploy worked on EMily.... I had not had them in a while and they were quite tasty. Emily slept in today until 10 AM. WOW--- that was impressive! All this bowling and Vollyball she has been playing (we are using a beachball) must be tuckering her out. You see EMily is not very athletic, and she gets easily frustrated when she isn't instantly good at something, and since the Beachball is so light she has been able to volly it back and forth and is quite proud of herself! WHich is wonderful, you see she has poor motor planning--- and I can see how that could be really frustrating. IF you ask EMily to stand a certain way, YOu can just see her little brain and body trying to figure out the right way for her limbs to do it!! She'll eventually figure it out but it takes a lot more for her then for most other kids. It's hard because I don't want that to be a frustration of hers, but she's soooo gifted in other ways. I was talking to Danielle the other day and we were having this discussion on kids getting trouphies and awards for just competing... and since I wasn't an athelete I didn't mind, and how it bothered Danielle a little, what with her being athletic while growing up, her feeling was more that kids should really earn it. I was also thinking of EMily and the fact that maybe she will never be a STAR athelete. I was thinking that maybe ALL kids should get some kind of award for participating and then Danielle said, "DOn't worry about Emily--- she'll get plenty of other types of awards for academics." ANd I thought, you know you are right. There are plenty of kids out there who would love to be as smart as EMily and maybe it's just fair, reading, writing and even math come easy to EMily, she doesn't struggle with homework.. in two minutes it's done. You know, maybe it's just fair. I mean I'm still going to try and make Emily a well rounded kid-- and I wish that she was good at everything. Not becuase it matters to me but I think those kids have the easiest times, but also there is a big part of me that has always beleived, that maybe she just isn't meant to be an athelete and that is alright. As a parent you feel a lot of pressure to have your kid in a SPORT but Emily just isn't ready for a team sport becuase it would NOT be FUN for her, and I think the coaches might have to spend more time with Emily then the other kids which would not be fair to the other kids either. Plus we kinda got that impression from her PT aswell. She's just not at the level were the other kids are at all. My take is give her time. When Emily was younger we used to read her this book called, "Ruby in her own Time", which is the story of a little duck who doesn't do everything that his brothers and sister ducklings can do. Her parents just keep saying "Ruby will do it, in her own time" and ofcourse at the end of the story, Ruby is the little duck who can fly the highest and farthiest. That's how I feel about Emily, she will get there in her own time. She always has. It's just when she is ready not before. I mean this is the kid who wasn't potty trained til she was 6 1/2 but she hasn't had a real accident since(there have been times when she was at the toilet and could not get her panties down quick enough),and she has never wetted the bed. She hasn't learned to tie her shoes yet but she will--- in her own time. So anyway, maybe it's just a matter of time for her--- or maybe she'll never be a true athelete. Either way, it's okay, Emily is perfect in my eyes and we are SO truly blessed with her. This I know above everything, she is a miracle, a gift from GOD. and I am SOOOO Thankful.

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