Saturday, July 26, 2008

A camping we will go...... HOPEFULLY

Hello...At the beginning of the summer, we had talked about going camping again like we did last year because we all had a nice time and Emily just LOVED it. But as the summer went on and on.. We just could not figure out a way to SQUEEZE it in---- Brian is doing a big project for work and just can't take the time off. SO we were just thinking we'd have to 86 the idea. But the other night actually at the diner, Emily told the BALLOON GUY that she "was going camping" when he asked so what are you doing this summer? SO now we feel bad, I mean I know she needs to learn to deal with disappointment (especially with the way this world is) but still.... We wanted to try and go if we could... so.... Brian looked up a few of the Jellystone campsites and we realized the only one we could do with this short of notice was the one we went to last time. Which is fine, except we are running out of time. So, we are trying to work it out and book it. Brian can only take off a 1/2 day, so it will probably just be me and & Em. But I'm not sure. Anyway, Let's hope we can make it happen.

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