Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A book review..

So I've been reading the book, "Singing Songs" by Meg Tilly. It's the first book of my Summer reading list. The summer list that I've created for myself so that I can rediscover something that I once liked doing, Reading.'s a very good book.. however, it's disturbing because its written as if a child is speaking. The main character is Anna.... a child that grows up in a sexually abusive, non-traditional family- it's done in true time (atleast that's what I'm calling it). What I mean is it's not like an adult is remembering her childhood but it's more like Anna is speaking to you about her life which is occuring. While reading it I couldn't help feeling like I was reading a Junie B Jones book of Emily's but Junie(Anna) is describing..Horrific events in her childlike way. That isn't meant to be a criticism at all because it's a very good book-- it's just more heartbreaking because these things did happen to a child and it really comes accross how innocent she is and how terribly wrong it is. I'm almost finished it, only have about 50 more pages to read. I would recommend it very much, but be prepared because at moments it's truly upsetting to read. The other thing about the book that I found out is that Meg originally released it as a novel and fiction. She later admitted to it being based on her memories of her own childhood. So it's even more heartbreaking knowing that it's real or atleast some of it is. I also wonder what her siblings think of her for writing it, or admitting it was based on her own childhood. I didn't know alot about Meg Tilly, I mean I've seen "agnes of god" and "the big chill" and she was very good in both but I didn't know much beyond that. Except for ofcourse her being Jennifer Tilly's sister. So ofcourse as I always do, I headed to the internet to see what I could find out. I didn't find out a whole lot, becuase after I discovered her website---- I got a little hooked on it --- the best part of course is her BLOG. She is a very good writer and it's easy to read it and feel like you are getting to know her, the real person. So I'm sure that I'll visit it often. I really enjoy reading blogs. It's interesting to think that these people who seem so far out of reach--- are essentially just like you. With families and problems and beautiful moments and heartaches. I just find comfort somehow in that. We are all mere mortals after all. Anyway, now of course I want to read her other two books. :)--- That surely is the sign of a good book. The want to read more.

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