Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hello... Well today is Wednesday, so Emily had her bowling league. She did really terrific. She scored 81 the first game and 84 the second game!! An all time high score! Plus she got 2 spares and 1 strike! HER VERY FIRST!! She was so excited!! She really has improved alot since we started going!! She is really using her MUSCLES! We got home from bowling around 11:45 and it's been a pretty boring day since. BUT we are going to see a local production of "CINDERELLA" tonight. It should be fun!! Last week we went and saw "PETER PAN" by the same summerstage production co. It's done with KIDS and EMily really seems to enjoy them. However, usually she gets so excited that she makes me leave during the really exciting parts, I am hoping that going to these--- will help her get over that. Danielle, her daughter and I are going to see Mary POPPINS in NYC on the 2nd of AUg. I really wanted Emily to go and she may hve done fine but at $120 a pop, I just could not risk it, plus EMily said she didn't want to go. SO atleast for this time I thought it was better if I just went and we'll see maybe next, I figure if we keep going to these inexpensive shows that it will let me know if she would do okay and enjoy herself at a broadway show--- which is a lot longer and more spectacular! Right now, I think it would just be too much for her. It's hard to explain why, she just gets too excited and can't deal with it and ask to leave, she usually says she needs to go to the bathroom. It's just her way to escape when her feelings become tooo much. It will probably just take time and maturity. A few years ago, she would have just cried, so it's improving already. EMILY, IN HER OWN TIME... REMEMBER. Anyway, I'll probably work tomorrow, Right now I work in my friends house, they have an office in their house. BUt they just rented an office that is right near our house... so I could walk to it or take a bike or something. It's a pretty exciting time for them and their business. You know just a big step, and a much bigger expense so I am truly hoping it works out for them. Not just because they employ me-- although that too. But mostly, becuase they are my friends and I hope that it is very successful for them. I think it will be but it's also just a lil' scary. I'm nervous, so I can't imagine how they are feeling. BUT then again I get nervous over everything, pretty much. Some times I read back my blogs and it's like BLAH BLAH BLAH... I hope that I'm not boring the hell out of who ever is reading this. I know I bore myself sometimes. PEACE PEOPLE...

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