Thursday, July 31, 2008

WOW this is my 16TH post for JULY

OKay so WOW--- That's a record for me and this blog. 16 post in one month!! ANyway, what's new? Well lets see--- I'm going to New York on Saturday to see Mary Poppins on broadway with Danielle and Mad so that should be lots of fun. Brian, Emily and I also finlalized out camping plans. SO that is a definate. Emily's still doing her bowling league. SHe so badly wants to earn a patch. They give out patches for 25 pins over average and things like that. She wants one so bad!! Next weekend we are going to 2 different parties on Saturday. Our friends Mark and Stacie are having their 2nd annual "Pool Party". ANd my cousin and his wife are having a housewarming. SO we go to M & S's at 12 and will stay for a few hours and then head over to my cousins new house luckily theirs doesn't even start until 3. So it should be a fun but busy day. Oh yeah also on the 7th we are going to a Jack Johnson concert. I really like him and am really looking forward to it!! SO between the play, the concert, the parties, bowling, camping, and my Mother-in-law is visiting us from New Mexico at the end of August--- It should be a very busy but fun August! SO I'm glad I've been able to write alot in July cause I'm not promising anything for August.

Reign Over Me.... Starring Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler.

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