Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Introducing.... The newest INTERNET addict.

Emily, is completely addicted to the internet. Everyday she ask, "Can I go on the Computer?" She goes on all the kid web sites, Noggin, Disney, Nick, and ETC. Also she tries to look up websites for all the toys she has, for example... she loves Pokemon.. so she goes to www.pokemon.com or www.puppygrowsandknowsyourname.com! Sometimes there are websites and sometimes there aren't but she's gonna try anyway. She just figures if they are a toy, they should have a website. She is so funny. She comes up to me today, and you know as a Mom you can tell when your kid wants something.. It's just a mom thing. So sure enough she comes up and gives me a kiss and gives me the LOOK and then says, "Mommy---Can I go on the Internet? PLEASE!" I try to limit her to 20 minutes. She learns somethings sooo fast, Last year, she could not even use the mouse..This year she's a computer using pro! She knows how to use the computer better than I could when I was in my 20's! Seriously, Sometimes I am amazed by her. She just completely 100% invest in things she likes. She devours them and learns all she can! She asked me the other day---- How do I put the symbol for the smiley face when typing on the computer? She's just really cool like that. That is why I know she can be anything she really wants to be... even now, when she is only 7-- I know it!

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