Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hello, SO today we went to see WALL-E, Emily had really wanted to see it. I liked it, although it did seem a little long to me. Although considering the first part of the movie is done without real "talking" I found it really amazing that the animators got the emotions down like they did. The other thing about the movie is that it teaches a lesson without being preachy. Too many movies throw the "ISSUE" at the audience and loss it in the process, this movie will have kids talking to their parents about what happened and why through curiosity. Atleast that's what I think. Anyway, we are having a nice weekend so far. We went to this great pizzeria place we LOVE called Capola's, It is soooo good. We get the same thing every time we go there, because their pizza is so good, we never want to try anything else. Yummy, anyway then we went to the dollar store. Brian hates going there but he found out that it has these bubble envelopes he uses for shipping (he's a little addicted to ebay)for 2 for $1. And they cost like $2 usually for just one. HE will now agree to go because he can get them there. SO YEAH..HE will actually step into a dollar store with me... PROGRESS! Ha We went to target too. We go in target atleast once a week and if we don't go there atleast once a week, at the end of that week I'll think I forgot to do something or like something is missing and I'll realize that I didn't get my TARGET fix. SAD but TRUE. Oh Well, I'm not sure what we are going to do tomorrow. My aunt invited us to the lake, and at first Emily wanted to go then she said, "Nah, I'm TIRED of going to the lake." So I don't know if we are gonna go or not. Brian thinks it's WAY to hot to be going. It's like 90 something degrees outside. I feel like if it's that hot GO IN THE WATER..... but Brian doesn't agree with that logic. Anyway, I guess we'll decide in the morning whether to go or not. Good thing it doesn't open until 11am so there is not a real RUSH about deciding. We will probably go and maybe Brian will go see a movie in an AIR CONDITIONED THEATER!! NO I'm not BITTER... HA HA! I'm really just kidding... I mean don't get me wrong I would really like for him to go with us but I also understand that he HATES really HOT weather and so there has to be compromises too. I just hope one of these weekends is like 80 and beautiful and we can go. Somehow since AUgust is practically here, I doubt that will happen.... OH WELL. Anyway, I guess I'll go, and spend some "quality" time with my hubby. :) PEACE

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