Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Lake

Hello, It's 1:30 AM but I can't sleep so I've decided to write a blog. Today, Emily and I went with my aunt to this lake in Woodstown NJ. It's at a sportsman club that my aunt's boyfriend is a member of. It's so NICE there and we had a great time. The weather was PERFECT. Emily just LOVED it and didn't want to leave. When I said it was time to go, she said, " I wish I was a mermaid and could STAY in the water forever!" This from a kid, just last summer who was really afraid of the water. It's really remarkable. Also, it's great exercise for her!! I like being at the lake for so many reasons, mostly because of the joy Emily gets from going, but also because it reminds me of when my Mom took me to a lake one summer. We went everyday, it was the summer between 8th and 9th grade. I was BOY CRAZY that summer, and I LOVED going becuase of all the boys that were there. My mom was so "COOL" that summer she just really let me do my own thing once we got there. She would set up our things and I would hang with her and Fernando (who was only a baby) and then for the rest of the day I would hang with the Lake regulars. A group of kids about my age who went like me to the lake almost everyday--- I had my first boyfriend at the lake! I never told my mom how much it meant to me. How much going there everyday meant to me, or how cool I thought she was for doing that for me. I grew up a lot that summer and I discovered alot that summer, and I bonded alot with my Mom that summer--- eventhough she may not have been aware.

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