Monday, March 17, 2008

Brian's Back..... OH Yeah and he's a Microsoft EXPERT!

I know you didn't even know he was away. He was. I was paranoid to write it for fear--- that the boogyman would come get me while he was away! Okay, that's only partly a joke. Anyway, Brian was away for 2 weeks at a "bootcamp" style training class. He can now add MCPD/EAD after his name. IMPRESSIVE... Actually, It is. I'm really proud of him.. it was one of the toughest things professionally he's had to do. I think he said that only a couple thousand people in the WORLD have this certification. Cool, Huh! SO he's finally home... THank god. It's been a tough couple of weeks.... COLDS, SCHOOL PROJECTS, ALL THE NORMAL STUFF BUT NO HELP AT 6PM, ETC. I'm glad to have some help here- plus I just missed my HUSBAND of course. And EMily really missed Brian while he was away... as soon as he pulled into the driveway, she was shouting... DADDY'S HOME!! DADDY'S HOME!!!

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