Friday, July 9, 2010

Hi was thinking about something as I was walking to work today. Did you ever wonder if your opinions would have been clouded if you were with a different person. I mean I love who I am. The views I have on God, politics, friends etc. I think my take on things such as that are ME, what makes me--- well me. But what if I was with someone who had the complete opposite view of mine. Would their opinion change mine. Especially if I wasn't as strong of an individual as I am today. Perhaps all of our views are skewed by the people we are around. Would I even like myself... would I even care...or would my opinion be sooo far removed that I wouldn't even know it's mine. I think this...because the boy I went with in High School and who I'm a "facebook" friend with... has a radical different view than my own on many aspects of life. Our political views couldn't be further apart. I wonder if things would have worked out with him.... if I would have his view. Would being around him change me, or would I have been a strong enough person to stay true to who I really am. Cause I really like me...and I guess I'm lucky that my husband and I have very similar views in life. Thank god.... cause I really don't wanna be a FOX news watcher. LOL!

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