Thursday, June 16, 2011

Veggie Happiness

Hi.... Okay wanted to write a quick post about the fact that my veggie garden is rockin'! I know I'm an incredible dork for how much complete happiness this is bringing me... BUT it is. Each day I go out and nature it up & am totally seeing soo much veggies already starting to form.. so cool to see. I have many starts of cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans!!! The green pepper plant has doubled in size! yay! I'm not so sure about the lettuce or the sweet corn... fingers cross they make it! BUT read my post from a couple of weeks ago and I thought my veggie garden wan't gonna make it..... and it's doing sooo i still have hope!! Can't wait til i can make bruschetta with my OWN tomatoes! YUM!! Pictures to come! :)

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