Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ignorance is bliss but NOT productive....

Well I've decided to write a note because my anger is getting the better of me and I want to get some things off my mind. I know people on facebook and real life who have HATED Obama since day one-infact before day one. We were at a party, well before he won & a person asked us knowing we were supporters, "If Obama was even an american citizen" We looked at that person like he had three eyes. People are that stupid,i know that sounds harsh, so I'll say this if not stupid extremely ignorant.... and you know what they say ignorance is bliss. BUT what angers me is that it shows how much they don't know because this president has succeeded in so many promises & yet is continuely met with hate. So many of my "so" called facebook friends have put "Obama" hate out on their pages since day one without even giving the man a chance.... This president can give the go-ahead to go in there and KILL Osama... and yet he gets still NO respect. He can keep the promises he campaigned for like trying to help people who have no health insurance...& succeed in getting them some. He can succeed in changing "don't ask don't tell". I ask you, what if it was your son or daughter. who happened to be gay but LOVED our country enough to risk putting his life on the line for it. YET they had to hide WHO they were, just to be able to. I've heard from people on this topic some who have fought for our country and while I really do respect what they have to say. (I really do) I keep coming back to the fact that it just isn't fair that they should HIDE who they are IF they don't want to. They know the possible risk but I imagine if they are brave enough to fight our country they are brave enough to accept whatever comes their way for living their life without a lie IF they so choose to tell OR atleast GOD-forbiet some one happens to find out they won't loss their job over it! A job I couldn't do.. I'm not brave enough. These men & women of our military, all of them, who fight for our country deserve our respect.. each of them, and how we've done it in the past is really just despicable. We are taught from an early age to respect each other.. to do on to others as we would like to have done to us... our country has made these men and women lie just so they could keep thier jobs. I am so happy that our president had the courage to take on this & keep another promise. TO FINALLY do what is RIGHT to do. I understand that people have different opinions than mine. I don't understand their opinions alot of the time but understand they have the right to their own BUT what surprises me is how much common courtesy is left out some times. I must admit at times I've wanted to be "ignorant" to it all.. I've wanted to pretend that it doesn't matter who is in the office of president but it DOES! Atleast to me.... it does. There are core-values that I beleive in... I beleive that if you have more, you do have an obligation to give more, or pay a little more in taxes. (your fair share based on what you earn) I think that the president is a fair man... a man who has taken on so much adversity. More than any other. I only have to look at the example of his birth certificate to get so angry my blood boils... this man had to proof he WAS born in our country. (as if that could even happen, that the powers to be would let a man run for office without knowing this...) but that wasn't good enough, i wonder why??? because his name is funny... because he doens't look like every other president we've had! Because people have HATED him from day one and NO MATTER what this president accomplishes it isn't going to change what they think... it's their story & their sticking to it.... no matter how much it keeps our country down. This man has made great strides despite being fought at every turn. The congress now has the chance to let him TRY and help with jobs & the economy. His toughest battle because it affects soooo many of us. We have been on this downward spiral for soo long, he said when he was campaigning it would be his BIGGEST challenge, that it would TAKE YEARS!! Probably wouldn't get done in his first term! When the hole of debt has taken a decade+ to get in, how are people expecting it to take nothing at all to fix. HE needs two terms in order to complete the job he started. He needs congress to work together & stop fighting him on EVERY single thing. SOOOO my hopes are that people who have just been blissfully avoiding the drama of it all, realize that it takes alot of us to continue on the path of healing our country and I hope that if you voted for Barack Obama the first time, you will vote for him again because it isn't just going to happen that he gets elected. SOOO many people want instant gratification, well me too but it just doesn't happen that way.. and so I hope that as this election season comes up that we all fight with the same passion we fought for before because the job isn't over and while we won't change the minds of those people who "are sticking to their story" no matter the evidence that perhaps there is reason for them to stop. We who voted this man in the first time should atleast see it through and hope that he is giving the opportunity to continue fighting for what we wanted in the first place and perhaps a long the way, maybe just maybe change a few opinions along the way and get people who didn't vote before to do so. Because while it's easy to be Ignorant to everything, and not want to get involved, it's our future that's at stake. It's worth it!

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