Monday, February 4, 2013

Twitter vs. Facebook.. TWITTER!

I really like twitter.....While I've only been tweeting for probably about 2 years. I like it so much better than facebook, the reason I like twitter much better has probably a lot to do with the fact I went on facebook first & because it was initially fun discovering people from my past, I went a lil' friend crazy... I friended & accepted friend request from all these people whom I had at one time known.  The problem with that is back in high school for example no one delved too deep into what ones political or social views were, if back then, anyone of us even knew what those believes were... & so now I kind of feel a little stuck.  I know that sounds kinda rude & I hope everyone understands that I have some really great friends on facebook & some friends I've gotten to re-know & realize that I'm so happy to have them again in my whatever capacity they are in it.  BUT some people I probably should not be friends with, even facebook friends with.  Our views are too different & while they are entitled to have them, it's hard for me to see their asinine opinion & not feel the same rage I feel when say watching Ann Coulter (I hope this mention of her does not have adsense putting Ann's ads on my blog...OMG! That would be awful) Anyway.. sorry got off track there... But it's true I don't like seeing their crap on my facebook feed, but then I feel bad because I should just be able to deal w their stupidity & I try... I try really really hard to just not look at their stupid ad in support of guns & not want to immediately comment or unfriend them.  Which I know is my right but it's also their right to have an opinion different then mine.. recently I un-friended someone who caught me & I didn't have the balls (for a lack of a better word) to tell them the truth so I just ended up playing dumb, feeling a little guilty & friending them again.  I'm not a tough cookie.. I wish I was more like the stereo-typical image of what a tough jersey girl from TV or the movies... BUT we are not all like that.. I wish I could say in some tough NJ accent, "Hey... We're not friends, you moron & I don't want to see your stupid bullshit on my facebook, Kabish?" OK, That was pathetic.. I remind myself of Meg Ryan's character in You've got mail.  I'm not even good at writing tough... lol! :) I was raised right I guess, & I try really hard not to be rude to people, & follow the old saying treat others the way you'd like to be treated and in general I am pretty good at it, but sometimes I wish I just didn't give a shit & could tell them how I really feel. The truth is I know everyone is entitled to their opinions, I just guess I wish everyone was brilliant like me ;) (jk) &  I didn't have to see them & more importantly maybe I didn't' allow them and their asinine opinion to upset me.  Who's that hurting, me!!   The point is I learned a lot from facebook about what not to do, so by the time I got to twitter I was a lot pickier on who it is I choose to follow. There's NO guilt about it either.. If I don't like what you say or I don't want to see it I simply block that person,   It's wonderful & much much much less stressful.  Plus I can focus my follows on the people or products I either like or want to learn more of.. it's more easier to find people/sites whom have similar opinions to mine. Also there are a lot fewer of my facebook friends on it & the ones that are on it, I know them from facebook & know what they are like.  Those are the ones I follow & am much happier about.  As for facebook, I guess I need to just learn to look the other way.. or learn that I'm allowed to not want to friend you & I shouldn't feel guilty about it. 

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