Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Swiffer, Another reason to love!!

Hey Guys! I have something really cool to share. Super excited about this. As you know,  I always like sharing things, especially products that I like or don't like.  SO a couple of days ago I tweeted how much I love & missed using the Swiffer.  Ours had broken a couple months back & because I was trying to save money we were using our sponge mop & how much I missed my Swiffer mop because A) the sponge mop just moved the dirt around & B) how I have to go back & clean up the line of dirt the Mop would leave!! & finally that I was happy to report that we used a lil' of our tax return money to get another one & that made me happy!  Didn't think much of it, I was just doing what I do, sharing, I tend to tweet a lot & to share random things on twitter like this. SO I was surprised when I got a tweet back from Swiffer asking me to DM (Direct Message- for all you twitter virgins)them. So I did & they said thank you for the shout out about Swiffer & that they wanted to send me a "treat".  I was so happy, & honestly thought maybe I'd get a sample/ or coupon.  :) I thought it was so cool that they acknowledged their customers like that.   Anyway this morning.. I hear a noise & look outside to see the fed-ex truck leaving & there's this big package on my step!! I thought it was something Brian must have ordered & was super surprised when it said "Swiffer" on the return label.  Anyway... Here's some pictures of what their idea of a "treat" was... I was really blown away by their generosity.  The cost of these products to buy would be $40-$50. WOW! The note reads,

Dear Melissa,
Here at Swiffer, we believe no one should have to use a sponge mop. Please use these products to clean up the line of dirt that your mop has left behind.  In this box you will find a WetJet, a box of Extra Power pads, & our brand new Gain-scented solution and wet cloths.  Thanks for the shout out on twitter and have fun cleaning!
Proctor & Gamble

 Needless to say they have a fan for life!! I'm telling everyone I know about how great their products are & will never try again to go back to my "sponge mop" I guess it's going to have to be making eyes at the broom. or better yet the trash can, "who's that lady"!! Anyway anyone who knows that commercial, knows what I'm talking about. hehe... :)  Happy cleaning indeed! Thanks Swiffer! :)

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