Monday, October 7, 2013

Quit your bitching... & do your job!

When I think about republican politicians lately.... this is all I hear. Waaah Waaaah Waaaaah!!!! Well quit your bitching... Elections have consequences & our president decided to make healthcare for everyone one of the things he ran on & is desperately trying to get accomplished. We the majority voted him in to office. You can't block everything this president is trying to do simply because it's not what you would have done IF a republican was in office, cause guess what? They aren't! The American people DIDN'T VOTE YOUR GUY in! So suck it up & join together to make it happen, work together!!!! We have people in this country right now who are fighting to get the medical help they need but can't because they have a pre-existing condition! We need to help them! We have young people, many the same ones saying I'm healthy why should I pay for insurance? WHY? because accidents happen! (There are emergency rooms full of people for a reason!) Care which the public will have to pay for because those same non insured patients sometimes visit as well. We aren't allowed to "roll" the dice driving a car, so why should we with our healthcare! Or what about families like the one I grew up in, those kinds that grew up NEVER going to the doctors because our parents couldn't get/afford health insurance & decided food/clothing was more important then routine doctor care, & the fear brought on by such non-action, which I believe has long term impact on those people. I personally think this is a major factor for why so many people have fears of doctors... I know its one of the reasons I do! I would ask my mom what she thinks about this, but I lost her at age 51 to cancer. SO I can't! See this American who voted for Barack Obama wants nothing more than to see things change for the better regarding healthcare, the idea of healthcare for all sounds pretty great to me!! I don't understand how this idea sounds bad to anyone, but regardless of why you feel it's not a good idea..... This is what the ELECTED president of the UNITED States feels is best for our citizens & what the majority of people in this country feel as well. So stop fighting it REPUBLICANS & do your job! PLEASE!

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