Thursday, November 14, 2013

12 Things about me you may not know.

1)I had my eye brow pierced for about a month in the 90's.... then I got scared no one would take me serious on Job Interviews... & removed it.

2)My husband was my boss at one time

3)I often times feel inadequate

4)I broke my arm on a school field trip to the skating rink in the 7th grade.

5)I still have notes written to me by my ex-boyfriends (some 25+ yrs old)

6)A few friends & I rented a (NJ) shore house when I was in my mid/late 20's & it was more like "MTV's-Jersey Shore" then I'd like to admit.

7)I don't drive but have had my license since I was 18.

8)Can't remember very much from my childhood

9)BUT I ate yogurt & pepperoni for lunch every day the summer I was 15.

10)I had a dog named "Lucky" who was hit by a car & killed (& isn't that ironic, Don't cha think?)

11) When my daughter was first born... her name was Emily Katelyn for a day/ or two BUT we decided to change it to Emily Brianne (meaning Strong one)

12) I am both "organized" & "messy"

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