Friday, January 17, 2014

The start of.... Operation: Classic Book! Oh yeah!

A while ago (a looooong) while ago Brian's dad gave us a bookshelf that was filled w/ Classic books.  You know books like Moby Dick, Ben Hur, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc.  Anyway... there they've been sitting since.  I've always meant to read them....BUT never have read them.. any of them.  The truth is I like to read but have slacked off in recent years, & before that I read books like Mary Higgins Clark, & the like.  It's kind of embarrassing how few classics I actually have EVER read...even back in school.  I read "To kill a mockingbird" because I loved the movie so much, & Romeo & Juliet (in high school) BUT that's it.  A while ago I joined this online book website called GoodReads.  Which allows you to (in a social media way) document the books you've read & since  one of my resolutions is to read more I thought I would try to really use it. I just finished my last book I was reading yesterday a psychological thriller called Spire by Richard North Patterson, & so I needed another book to read &.... EUREKA! A brilliant idea... why not start reading one of the classics from our own collection that I've always been "meaning" to read.  I decided since this was my first "classic" novel in a while that I would start out with a book I know and love from it's film version.  So the classic book I chose was..... DRUM ROLL........................................................... "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" By Betty Smith. I read the first chapter last night... if I hadn't been so tired I would have read more. :) Wish me luck!  I'm going to be documenting  "Operation: Classic Book" on here, & update how it goes.  (I can't believe I just wrote "Operation: Classic Book"... I'm such a DORK!) Oh well... after I read these classic novels I'm sure I'll be much more "classy"..... nah!

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