Saturday, February 1, 2014

Emily- National Junior Honor Society NEWEST member! :)

Thursday, January 30th 2014 was an amazing night for our daughter Emily, she was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society!  This is no small task. She had/has to maintain a 3.5 GPA & also was required to get recommendations from 4 teachers.  Not to mention participating in extra curricular activities/community service. Only 50 students out of a class of a few hundreds earned this honor.   We were so proud of her!  The night started out w/ the 7th grade inductees walking up to the stage from the back of the gym- they required the students to wear a white shirt & a black pair of pants.  Emily looked really cute in a white turtleneck sweater & pair of black pants.  (She was so excited because we bought them special for the night, and the pants were from the Jennifer Lopez collection! ) She was funny because all the other kids kind of just walked up there, & Emily did a bit of a march! (high stepped it a little) You could see how very proud of herself she was up on the stage.  Then the current members (8th graders) NJHS officers each explained the different principles & obligations of being a member.  Then the kids had to raise their right hands & repeat the oath, accepting their membership into the program.  Emily took this very serious & she had memorized it word for word & while the kids were simply suppose to repeat the oath after the teacher advisor stated it.  Emily said it along w/ the advisor! So she would mouth the words & then say them. It was kind of cute. :)  After that the kids were called up one at a time to receive their "certificate" stating they were a member of the National Junior Honor Society & another document w/ the NJ seal which was signed by Senator Madden & two members of the State Assembly. The final thing was they passed around a basket & each child had to take a candle from it. After all the candles were passed out.  A current member started the flame of the first child in line & each other child lit the next child's candle. :) That ended the ceremony.  Emily was so over the moon proud of herself.  It showed on her face, & in every action she took that night.  Then the kids were treated to a "cookie" reception in the library.  I think Emily had 5 cookies & 2 glasses of lemonade!  She was also excited because she got to take a few pictures of herself & some of her friends who also were inducted & even took a picture with her principal.  We were so very proud of her!  Congratulations Emily!!!! Way to GO!!! 

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