Wednesday, November 12, 2014

what's new with me Part 2

Thought I'd pop on here and write a little bit of what's been going on in my life.  So as I stated on one of my last blog post.  I started a new part time job working at a drug store.  Anyone who says retail is easy, probably has never worked it.  I can't speak for all retail workers but I for one, work my butt off.  I actually like retail,  because I enjoy keeping busy, & for the most part I enjoy people.  I try really hard to be friendly to everyone... it's always my goal, but let's be honest... there are some customers who are incredibly difficult to please and some who are down right rude no matter how kind you try to be.  As an example.....    It's the rule in this establishment to "ID" everyone for cigarettes... whether they look 22 or look 100! I'll admit....  I personally find it- a bit ridiculous having to ask someone with gray hair for ID, if they look 60 or older, I really don't get it... BUT I work for this company & it's their requirement.  SO I ask for it from everyone....some people are nice, but some people get SO pissed off.  HEY, here's an idea... DON'T SMOKE! Sorry... but it's really obnoxious how upset they get at a seeming simple request.  If you smoke.... I feel like you should be prepared to show your ID,  or at least understand that we have a job to do & part of it is requiring you to show us ID.  It's the companies rule, not the employees & we need our jobs, so we have to follow the rules. So if you're reading this & smoke.....  have a little heart.  OK? Just be kind back & show your ID when you're asked.   Anyway... sorry I'll get off my soapbox but so many people were down right rude to me today for simply doing my job, and I'm feeling a little beat down by their rudeness.  Besides that, though, it's been pretty good.  There is always something to do & that makes the time go quickly.  Anyway, what else?  Emily's been doing well.  She had a fun Halloween, as you can see from the last pic I posted--- she was a minion.  Her daddy was Gru.   Our family loves the movie, "Despicable Me" so it was fun for all of us.  I got the idea off Pinterest.  I really like that site,  so many great ideas!!!!  Yesterday we had a really short 1 day visit from Brian's mom Pat,  it was nice to see her & we all had dinner together at Brian's brother Jim's house.  Christmas is coming fast... I can't believe that Thanksgiving is almost here.  I haven't even made any plans yet,  I imagine I'll just be cooking for our family, maybe ask my brother to come over for the day.   I miss my brother.... we used to see each other every day & while we got on each other's nerves,  we also love each other & I miss seeing him.  He's been having a hard time lately & so I think that's been making me feel a little sad.  I want him to be happy.  It's weird.  I always have felt like a second mother to him.  We've always been close,  & he was only 15 when our mom died, so I definitely took on that role after that, & in many ways even before she passed due to our age difference.  I was 15 when he was born.  SO I babysat him all the time.  So it's hard to think he's hurting in some way & I don't know how to help him feel better.   But I hope he feels better soon. :)  Brian is home until January.  I like that he'll be home for the entire holiday season.   Last year Brian was traveling in December & that just sucked.    It's just nice we'll all be together for the holiday season.  Alright well I guess I'll go... hope everyone had a nice day! :)

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