Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Life.. updated

So I thought I'd hop on here to give an update.  Emily got her high school schedule in the mail a few days ago.  The main 4 subjects which were "suggested" based on her grades/test/ report cards over the last few years of middle school were  HONORS English,  HONORS Geometry, HONORS lab science, & HONORS World History!!! WOW!! We are so proud of all her hard work over the last 2 1/2 years to have earned those classes.  WOW! Impressive! That's the most honor classes a freshman can take.    Fingers crossed she can manage all them----- if her history is any indication she'll do just fine.  Fingers crossed *anyway though.  :)   Our family attended the March of Dimes 2015 Fundraising kickoff last night.... & guess what?  Emily became a "local" ambassador for our chapter.  SUPER COOL!   Brian also shared our NICU story & we were very touched by the other "family" team's there who shared their stories of their journey with premature birth.   We were very moved and reminded why we care so much about helping the March of Dimes so that all babies can be born healthy!!!!! We will be starting our March for Babies fundraising soon.... so come back here from time to time to check out our progress & please help anyway you can,  join our team, walk with us or simply donate to our family team.  I'll put up links soon. TY!

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