Monday, March 2, 2015

Little Miss... Brutally honest

The other day my daughter Emily was being her brutally honest self.  Telling me I'm the worst singer in the world.  Partly I think because she kind of enjoys getting a rise out of me. This is probably a little bit of Emily just being Emily & also just part of being a young teenager.  BUT She constantly is telling me I am the "worst" singer in the world.  Sometimes it gets annoying.  Anyway on this particular day I shot her the look like,  well maybe I am but that wasn't very nice.  So she quickly changes it to... "ok well.... you are the worst singer in this house".  As if that's better.   Now don't get me wrong I am awful.  I can't remember lyrics to save my life & can't keep a tune for that matter either.  My singing is bad. real bad. So maybe she's right but she should just keep it to herself.  Not Emily though... she blurts things out all the time that maybe she shouldn't.  That mental filter thing... well she's still working on that.   Anyway... so I say you are always telling me what I'm not good at.  Why not tell me something I'm the best at.  She says... "Well you are the best at taking care of me when I'm sick"  AWWWW.... Ok... all is forgiven.  :) 

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