Wednesday, July 29, 2015

For the love of Cooper...

Thought I'd share an update of our new puppy Cooper.  He's just about 4 months old....& just about  30 lbs! Having a border collie is AWESOME & EXHAUSTING!!!!! He's really a wonderful puppy, let me get that statement out first BEFORE I tell you how exhausting taking care of him is at times.  LOL! First up the good....  He's so smart & house training for the most part was a breeze.  He sleeps thru the night just fine & he's a sweetheart.  He's the "star" of his training puppy class, & he picks up on new instruction easy.  He loves being by your side & doesn't run away from you if(he accidentally) gets outside with out his leash on.  He comes right back to you.  He requires lots of walks (I'm putting this in the plus column because I need the exercise)   NOW...ways he's a handful.... he wants your attention CONSTANTLY!! Which is hard sometimes.  He gets into stuff a lot! He requires lots of walks (I'm putting this in the handful column as well because sometimes I just don't wanna! LOL) He's a vacuum cleaner & every paper, coin, rubber band, etc that he finds laying around... he will try to eat! He takes the remote every time you leave it anywhere in reach of him...."the I have the remote game" he plays several times a day is so annoying.   It's hard to remember in the moment when you are doing something that Cooper will probably get that thing you've left a little too close to the edge of the table.... it's very frustrating.   He's so smart that if you deviate your instruction of a lesson in the least little way he thinks it's a new one.   For instance I wanted him to learn to wipe his feet when he came in from being outside, so we got this "dirty dog" mat for him to use.  Well when Brian started training him on this, he made up this little song... "Wipe your paws, Wipe your paws" & said it in this cutesy little sounding voice. (he's probably going to hate that I'm sharing BUT now if you don't sing it in the same little tone I swear he won't wipe his paws,  plus it's kind of embarrassing singing it in front of house  He's too smart for his own good sometimes.   Also it's so true what they say about Border Collies that if you don't give them a job,  they will find one you don't like.  (like... digging in the sofa for lost treasure,  etc.)  BUT..... If I could go back in time knowing everything I know about him we'd still jump at the chance to have him in our life.   The joy he brings outweighs the exhaustion.   He's a sweetie & the fact that he loves us unconditionally is such a wonderful feeling.  I love him very much, but part of me will be happy when he outgrows some of these puppy (Oh God... I hope they are just puppy) "issues".

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