Monday, December 20, 2010

Really IMPORTANT things I've been meaning to SHARE!

I'm soo proud of Emily. :) She's just the best kid. Her report card was great again. She got straight A's and we are so proud of her hard work!! I love her so much for all the things that make her special.... and there are a lot! I haven't written about this yet but I wanted to quickly share with you, how great Emily did in the Americanism show this year. It was on November 19th this year. She once again was a POM POM girl in it. Her grade (the 4th graders)sang the "Armed Forces" medley & Emily had the routine and songs down perfectly. She performed her little heart out, BUT they positioned her a little tooo close to the balloons on the side of the stage and at one point she got all tangled up in them, but she kept on rocking out. (you know the show must go on... such the little performer that she is) I was really proud about it, I thought it might rattle her but she kept on going and was even able to get herself out from them. :) It actually was really cute and got a bunch of giggles from the audience. I LOVED the whole show!! It was really great. Let's see....... What else has been going on? Emily had a pittsburgh Steelers themed birthday party this year. She even wore a little steelers outfit and ofcourse she looked adorable! I can't believe she's 10! WOW!! How time flies. I think she had a great time at her birthday party. Also we've been playing a lot of "CANDY LAND" lately. She's just really into it. It's funny cause she's soo advanced in sooooo many ways but in some ways the simpliest games/toys still bring the most joy to her. Anyway of course Christmas is coming and I HOPE that Emily likes the things that she gets..As a parent you want to get your kids everything but this year we've had to cut back, and while I know it's NOT a good idea to get your kids everything they ask for---- it sure is hard not to. Right now, Emily isn't feeling well.. she's got a slight fever. I am definitely going to keep her home from school tomorrow & try and nip it in the butt before it turns into a full fledged cold. I really want her to get better by Christmas! NO kid should be sick on Christmas. Please say a prayer or send some positive thoughts her way. PLEASE! Thanks... anyway. I guess I should go but just wanted to share these few memories with you! Good night everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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