Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1st post of 2011.... that's CRAZY!

Well i was looking at this blog today for the first time in a long time and it just got me wanting to post something, i can't believe I haven't written anything in 2011...I really do have some catching up to do. This whole Japan tsunami & earthquake is beyond HEARTBREAKING.. I seriously can't watch the news.. i mean i can't.. it gets me tooo sad. I feel so small. I don't know how to help.. and so i just don't watch for my own good. Anyway, What else.... Brian's been liking his job still.. the new one at SEI. He's still a contracted employee with them but is hoping to become an actual employee.. it would be a wonderful step! So that's good news.. me on the other end. I decided to leave TG. I had some building resentment over a few decisions that were made there, and so for many reasons, decided to give my 2 week notice. The truth of the matter is, I think I'll be much happier now. It wasn't worth it. Anyway, the funny thing is that I did actually enjoy working there, aside from the fact that it wasn't something that I felt like i was properly trained to do, and "Perfection" was expected & I'm sorry but no one is perfect. Atleast that is my take, I'm sure my boss has his own. I'm not trying to bad mouth anyone..it's just this is my blog and I won't be anything but honest on it. The good news is that I know will have the opportunity to babysit Joshy more. Danielle is taking on more hours and so hopefully I'll get him a little more--- so that'll help a little with boredom & such. Eventually I'll probably need to find something else. God knows we could use the money. Brian was really really supportive and that made me feel better about the decision. I love him for that. Like everyone we arque but when it comes to the big picture things we are usually on the same page. WHich is a wonderful thing. Anyway.. Emily is doing pretty good. She had a little bit of a rough batch as far as math was concerned but seems to have gotten back on track. 4th grade is going pretty good. She actually just completed an essay that is due tomorrow so that's good. Anyway.. I'm actually babysitting Joshy tomorrow so i should probably get to bed. I'll write soon.. i hope anyway.. peace!

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