Monday, March 28, 2011

Much to share

Hi Everyone.. okay.. first off.. My daughter Emily GOT STRAIGHT A's on her report card!! So proud of her! We really weren't sure what her grades would be because we lost our password for the "parent" portal so hadn't been able to check out her grades. We knew she was doing well but really didn't know it would be ALL A's. WOW! I'm so proud of her, the work is getting harder and for her to continue to do so well is just really really FANTASTIC! Also.. let's see I've been on kind of a high all day. This morning I was tweeting.. yes I'm totally addicted to twitter of late. Been having fun following people & posting. Anyway this morning I @ Henry Winkler something, You know the FONZ.. and he actually responded!!! I'm like OMG.. the fonz!!! He answered MY Tweet! I told him that Emily enjoyed his book "i got a D in Salami" & that I kept saying wow the fonz wrote it. Anyway.... he responded to me! I know I'm such a dork but it made me feel's not every day that the fonz Henry Winkler responds to something u say. It was great! Anyway.. what else??? Let's see.. I'm kinding freaking out alittle about the idea of finding a job.. ugh.. who wants to do that. I know I need to, but it's just putting yourself out there & looking which is such a hard thing to do.. especially when you have some insecurities like I do.. Not easy. I'll get thru it and do it, cause well we could really use the money but it's just not fun! I know I should be more positive! This morning.. i opened up a futune cookie which made me feel a little bit better, it said, "Don't be hasty, prosperity will knock on your door soon. :)" How cool is that? right? I guess I should go.. feeling a little tired but didn't wanna forget to share these. Goodnight peeps! Sleep well...

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