Sunday, November 6, 2011

A great "lil' family weekend"

HI, I had a great weekend. Didn't do much but it was just a nice calm family weekend. Emily & I had some great talks this weekend, and some quiet sweet moments that are really the BEST ones you can have. We had a great talk about the songs that her daddy & I sang to her when she was a baby especially when she was still in the NICU for those 6 months. Those songs were how we were able to provide Emily with a little stimilation when she was in the isolette. A way for us to feel close to her. I would sing, "you are my sunshine", "the itsy bitsy spider" and "the abc song". Her daddy would sing, "over the rainbow" & "Little Miss Magic" It was sweet to remember this, a pleasant moment from such a difficult time for us all. Also we played a game with her of "treasure hunt" where we would give her clues and make her "solve" them in order to find a small treasure at the end. She LOVED this! We played it on Saturday and she had such fun, we played again on Sunday! Emily & I ended the night today by watching the "Halo" awards on Teen Nick. It was Emily's idea that we watch it, and I'm so glad we did... its an award show that gives awards to "average" teens who have made differences in their communities... It was very inspiring & after it, Emily & I had a lil' discussion about the show and bullying and how we can help others too. All in all it was a great weekend. Brian had to do a lot of work cause he's going a way next week on business and must finish this project he's working on so it kind of forced us to stay home, but it turned out to be a great weekend. A slow down weekend.. and it was GREAT!! What could make it better is if the Steelers win, I hope so, cause that would make Brian HAPPY!! Anyway.. I'm feeling soo much love right now, and it inspired me to write a little on here. Much love to you too! :)

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