Friday, August 30, 2013

New Mexico w/ a side of Colorado Part 1

Hi... Well Emily & I just returned home from New Mexico.  We had an incredible time!!!  We went there to visit my mother in law, Pat.  Emily was beyond thrilled to see her grandma.  My mother in law,  lives in Santa Fe!  I love New Mexico, & I love this city, while some says it's too brown,  I just love it! I think the mountains are beautiful,  brown with spots of green bush & cactus, lots of pretty yellow wildflowers. The sky is the bluest you'll ever see the clouds come right down to you, or so it seems.   My mother in law is an incredible women, she's 73 but still very active.  She goes to the gym 4 days a week, hikes, kayaks & can truthfully run circles around me.  It's both refreshing & depressing... LOL! ;) We took the train, which I both loathe & like.  The truth is that I really don't mind the train, not even how long it takes to get to your destination,  the horrible part about the train is the lack of sleep, that and the fact that many trains run really late, we are talking several hours late!  Anyway we left on the 14th on a train headed for Chicago, reached Chicago on the 15th & got on another train to take us the rest of the way... another overnight train trip to reach our destination of Lamy NM.  We got in sometime in the afternoon where Pat was waiting for us.   We didn't do much that first night... but Pat made us a yummy "Zucchini" Pie for dinner. It had fresh vegetables from her garden & was really quite good.  Since Emily & I were both so sleepy from having slept only a few hours each night on the train we were more than happy to relax at Pat's house & take it easy that first night.  Considering that Pat doesn't slow down I figured we were in for many adventures while we were there.  Boy, was I right,  On Saturday, as it turned out was the biggest weekend for Santa Fe,  The Indian Market was in town.  This is a huge event for Santa Fe that happens once a year & people from all over the country come to Santa Fe looking for authentic Indian artwork & such.  As Pat says, the people watching is almost as interesting as the artwork.  The "out of towners" were quite obvious,  they would be dressed to the nines in fancy southwestern gear, boots, fancy belts & turquoise jewelry, some of them looked wonderful but many looked just over the top.  When Pat would see a "character" I should look at,  she would always get my attention.  Look over there.  I must admit she was right the people watching was fun,  the artwork was breathtaking however.  There was everything from clay pots, fetishes to beautiful sculptures costing upwards of $35,000.   Pat has quite a collection of "bear" fetishes which are usually small sculptured animals, in her case bears, made of anything from stone, clay, wood, etc.   We had fun at the indian market but it was a pretty hot day, & after not too long Emily got tired & wanted to head back to grandma's.  So Emily went with grandma back to her house & as luck would have it, we ran into Brian's aunt Barbara (Pat's younger sister) who along w/ her husband Nic moved to Santa Fe from Florida about a year before. It's great cause we now get to visit them all in one stop.  I love both Pat & Barb so it's really wonderful in that way.  Hopefully it means we'll get to see more of all of them. So Barb & I continued to "mostly" browse,  I say mostly because Barb ended up buying this very nice painting from this young artist.  It was on re-used ledger paper,  meaning you could still "see" the book-keepers markings behind his painting.  It was really cool & depicted the backs of a young indian mother & her baby & another (perhaps) daughter.   The funny part was the artist unknowingly made fun of me, well maybe not me, but of my state.  Barb was talking to him about another potential customer that was there earlier & whether he bought one of the pieces,  and he goes & says... "NO, but he's from New Jersey, what does he know!" HAHAHAHA... Barb then says, "well she's from NJ" & he just is standing there like oh shit... how did I just put my foot in my mouth.  I'm just like, "yeah.. what's that about"  haha.. a few minutes later Barb shakes his hand & he reaches out to shake mine & I say, "well I'll shake you hand, even if you did diss my state"  we were all smiling.. He said, "well you don't sound like you're from NJ", *We DON'T all sound like that!!! Ugh... haha Barb & I decided to grab a quick lunch, so she said that these fried flatbread green chili hamburgers from one of the many food vendors that was there, was really yummy! So I said, "sounds good" when I'm in New Mexico, I'm up for eating all things.   Anyway they sure were yummy, & the green chili's on it weren't too hot! :) After a quick visit to her/Pat's church, we got back in the car and she took me back over to Pat's house.  After a few minutes of relaxing, Pat had to go to meet one of the artist at the Indian Market who would be available to speak with her, because she wanted to to find out if he was the artist who made a particular piece she has.  So while Pat went to the Market, Emily & I after filling up our water bottles decided to head over to the local park, (only a block away from Pat's house) Emily had fun & was able to run around & such.   I of course kept reminding her to "drink"  It's apparently very easy to become dehydrated, because of the heat & the elevation in New Mexico.  So Pat lets everyone know that unless you want to have a headache or worse the entire time you're here... you need to DRINK!!!  I've never drank so much water in my life as I did that week. LOL! But I wanted to feel good so I was very good at following that rule & making sure that Emily did too. We came back & Pat was back by then, I think she was surprised Emily played so long at the park considering it was hot & Emily tires easily.   The rest of the day we spent mostly relaxing but Pat cooked chicken on the grill, along with corn on the cob, salad & broccoli for a very healthy yummy dinner.  Barb & Nic came over & we all enjoyed a nice dinner outside in Pat's awesome yard.  She has several hummingbird feeders, a lil' waterfall & it's just a nice place to be, BUT on this particular day we were surrounded by flies.  Which Pat says was very un-usual.  it was weird,  cause the night before we didn't have any when we ate dinner outside.  Despite the flies it was a nice dinner & it was really nice to see Barb & Nic as well.  I was hoping they would be around this week, they travel quite a bit, just like Pat so the fact they were around was such a great bonus.   After cleaning up, we went to bed early that night cause the next day we would be heading to.... COLORADO!!!


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