Tuesday, August 13, 2013


You don't have to understand me,  but if you're in my life, If I'm close to you, then I hope that you know my heart enough to know what my true intentions are.  I don't hurt people to hurt them.  I'm not conniving or sneaky & I don't try to cause rifts between others. Of course I don't like to be used or treated unfairly either.  I will call you out on it because I speak my truth, the only one I have.  I am not a perfect person but my faults generally only hurt myself, and If you tell me that something I did hurt you, then know it wasn't with any malice intend and If pain was what you felt then I'm truly sorry.  But I would NEVER intentionally cause another person harm because I've been cut & judged a lot.  I hate it!!!!  I want to help people not hurt them.  I want to lift people up not cut them down & if you don't know that about me, well then you really don't know me... at all.

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