Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'm proud to announce....

the birth of another blog of mine.... www.alifebegunthebook.blogspot.com Come visit it!  You will learn all about the book, A Life Begun that my husband wrote for & about our daughter Emily who was born very premature and weighed 14.7 ounces.   We have decided to try & sell the book to not only provide hope to others, but we will be using the profits to help with Emily's college expenses.   She's so smart... has received straight A's since first grade & will be entering 7th grade this upcoming school year! :) SO PROUD! I can't even tell you how fast the time has gone,  what I can tell you is that Brian & I looked & looked for a book about a baby "as small" as Emily when she was first born to give us hope and we couldn't find one.  So Brian decided to share our story in the hopes that it would help others who are living & breathing the NICU with there own micro-preemies.  There is hope, & this book surely will provide that to parents of premature babies or anyone who is in need of some. :)

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