Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Perfect" By Melissa Williams

My life hasn't been perfect
I suppose that this is true
But If I change my thinking
In moments there's been quite a few

That first brush at love
The words longed to hear
The kiss that drew me in
and I had nothing left to fear

I don't think of what was lost
Things change & people too
But those moments I had
I will carry through

Finding someone special
Who shared my point of view
Who made me smile
& awakened feelings long overdue

But along with a new love
Life begins to bring fears
Thank goodness a lover a partner
A wiper of the tears

Beginning a life, as a family
A daughter more amazing than words can define
Through triumph & tragedies
We stand together & shine

It's never easy & life brings hard times
But if I look at those moments & reflect
There's no way I could deny
I've had my share of perfect