Thursday, July 25, 2013

My favorite easy smoothies

So I have one of those "magic bullets" (no this isn't some weird "adult" toy) It's those blender things *they used to be infomercials for them on all the time! I got my at Kohl's though! :)  It's basically a high powered mini blender.  BUT I'm sure any kind of blender would work.  Anyway... I take about 6 oz of juice, I usually use apple juice cause it's what I always have in my house.  But I've also used orange & it was really good!  Any juice will work though.  I buy frozen mixed berries.  Frozen fruit works SOOOO awesome in smoothies also you don't have the pressure of it going bad before you use it up like w/ regular fruit.  I've read a few articles & each has said frozen fruit is actually better because it is frozen right after the fruit is picked, thus far maintaining all it's nutritious :) YAY! & it's sooo much easier.  I have started to buy yogurt in bulk. *my shoprite has a 12 pack of Activia for like $6.00, on sale. so I buy when ever I see it for that price.  I put a few in the freezer & when I want to use them I run them under HOT water for about 30 seconds so they pop right out of their little plastic container.  This is my last ingredient.  I blend the juice, frozen fruit & frozen yogurt up & that's it! super easy & super yum PLUS I never throw away yogurt anymore because as I use them in the freezer, I replace w/ ones from the refrigerator & also if I haven't eaten all the ones in the refridge, I just put them in freezer before their expiration date!!!! :) AWESOME!! :) DO try this, you will love it!!!

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