Thursday, March 20, 2014

The reason for, "A Life Begun"

When Brian decided to share our NICU experiences through a website he created when Emily was still in the hospital- It was basically to share Emily updates w/ our family/friends.... because it was easier than updating everyone independently. We had no idea at that time ---it would become a book called, A Life Begun.  As we were experiencing our "NICU" journey it became theraputic for both of us to share Emily's story. So Brian would write his journal/website almost every day.  It was how when it came time to write the actual book, he (we) could remember so much of what happened during that time.  We realized, after months of Emily being home & perhaps even before that, just how incredible it would be to share her story with others.  We had desperately searched for a hopeful story of a baby being born as small as Emily while we were at CHOP, & while we found some stories of #Micropreemies, we couldn't find one of a baby that weighed less than a pound (at that time) So we decided to share her story in a book, called, "A Life Begun"  in the hopes that if another parent searched they could find a story of a baby as small as theirs surviving & perhaps it would give them hope.    But its more than Emily's story we share... it's my mom's story as well.  Their lives are FOREVER connected because they were both fighting for their lives at the same time.  My mom Margaret had lived a fairly quiet life,  BUT to me & my siblings she meant everything.  A single mom (no dads in the picture helping) who worked tirelessly to provide for her 3 children & it was important that her story be shared as well.   To me having just lost her, almost just as important to share.  She only lived 51 years & it wasn't fair.  It was really important to me that people "know" who she was, to get to understand a small part of the person she was... & I'm so grateful to Brian for writing the book.  He wrote it for his own reasons as well, but I know that he knew how important it was to me.    I think Brian did a fantastic job,  I love the way he writes, (i know I'm biased) but he writes so honest & I was just telling someone the other day... completely truthfully, The good, the bad & the ugly.   I couldn't be more proud of the finished book.   I just thought I'd let you all know why it was written & what we hoped from it.  It won't (probably) ever become a "best-seller" & that's ok.  We didn't write it to get rich*although it be nice if we could just break even w/ the cost of self publishing it! ;) I just wanted to share why Brian wrote it & why it's so important to us. Also, we will use any money (if we make any) from the sales of the book to help Emily with her college expenses, I think my mom would like that. She would like to, that we are using it to help us raise money for the March of Dimes:)  SO if you want to try & win a copy remember to DONATE to TEAM EMILY CR 213! Thanks Everyone!

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