Sunday, August 17, 2014

New favorite Apps

So hello everyone....I just wanted to pop on here & share a few of my new favorite apps with you guys.  I haven't used apps too much in the past.  Some have disappointed me.... like Instagram. Everyone talks & talks about Instagram & I just am like what's the big deal?  LOL! But I discovered this week two apps, thanks to a pin on *Pinterest!! BTW... I  love Pinterest!  :)  But anyway,  my two new other favorites are VIGGLE.  An app that rewards you for watching TV!! I mean how easy is that one? All you do is check in using the app when you are watching live TV.... you usually get 1 point for every minute you watch but they also have bonus points for watching ads on the app, etc.  I have been using it for about a week now & am up to 2100 pointes which sounds like a lot BUT it takes say 35,000 points or something to get a $5.00 iTunes gift card but who cares it's for doing nothing than what you already do, so even if it takes me a year to earn a gift card... I'm cool with that.. LOL! :) other favorite app is SHOPKICK.  This one gives you points they call "KICKS"... which can earn you gift cards for say stores like Target.  I think around 500 kicks earns you a $2 gift card or something... the more kicks the bigger the gift card!  I got 200 kicks yesterday for JUST walking into JC Penney.  What a great app to use at the mall! Anyway... those are my new favorite apps! :) Thanks for stopping by!

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