Thursday, October 2, 2014

Just another ANNOYING trip to the grocery store

Actually... I don't generally HATE going to the grocery store. I'm the type of person who "meanders" the aisles looking for the deals.   If you've read my blog before you know about my "frugalness".  When grocery shopping, I buy what is on sale ONLY!  If it's not on sale I don't buy it.... & generally we don't eat that thing that particular week.  The things I know our family likes to eat I make sure I have enough for a few meals of it all the time.  In order to shop this way though,  it takes a lot of time & I've learned to be okay with that... I don't like to rush at the grocery store.  I take my time cause that's how I get the good deals.  When I rush I tend to not save as much.  So I always go when I have plenty of time.  Like I said, I generally like shopping but today was different..  First off... they were supposed to have a deal on a 4 pack of Chicken Noodle soup, for 2.99.  I know cold & flu season is here & I always like to have a few on hand just in case.   So when I got to the soup aisle... I didn't see them.  I ask the lady working on the aisle about it.  She's very nice & says she doesn't think they have those.  In fact when she uses her little "inventory" scanner thing they say they are "discontinued"  Which is kind of funny cause it's spotlighted in the ad... & takes up an entire page top.    BUT she's actually really nice & says to go ahead & take 4 & she'll let them know up front to give me the deal.  Ok, great!  Thanks!  Next they had a deal that if you spent $30 on certain items, you can get $10 back,   in 2 $5 off coupons for the next 2 weeks.   SO I figure out what it is I should get from the 20 or so items to choose from.  I decide the simplest & most necessary things to get are cat food, cat litter, & apple juice.  Staples & we actually NEED to get apple juice & cat litter.  Our cats still have probably a 1/2 bag of cat food but... what the heck they'll need it soon enough.  Plus this will put me at just a dollar over $30.00.  I head down the pet aisle & see the cat litter & cat food.  I grab the cat litter & head to the cat food.  It's 11.99 I look for it & find it. So I grab a bag & notice it says now 22 lbs. Don't really think much of it cause it's IN the spot marked 11.99 so I'm thinking I just scored this great deal!  I finish up my shopping which includes a great deal on big cans of petite diced tomatoes & tomato sauce.  We are big Chili fans!! I've also just discovered a great Jambalaya recipe that calls for tomatoes too.  Anyway if you buy 12 cans they are only .66 cents.  They are usually 1.49 a can.  That's a really great price.... so I get 12.  I felt like I've been in the store for ever even for me... I finally make it to check out.  I lift all the heavy things for her to scan... & notice the cat food rings up at 17.99... I'm like that's suppose to be 11.99, it was right under the sign & if it's not I just need the right one cause I have to reach $30 to get the $10 worth of coupons.  I wasn't yelling or saying that they had to give it to me for that price but am understandably a little annoyed cause it WAS right under the sign.  SO she has the bag guy go get me the right one.  I tell her,  that they might want to check because it was definitely right under the sign & I don't want another customer to get annoyed too.  I worked retail before so I'd want to know if I was them.    She has to call over the manager to void out the original cat food.   So while she's there- I tell the manager it was under the wrong sign.   She's like.. .OH really I'll go check.  After a few minutes,  she comes back & says to me... I don't see it.  Infact there aren't any other of the 22 lb bags there, only some up top.   Ok.. well what does that mean?  I feel like they were accusing me of lying... which is now starting to tick me off.  I mean I think I was being pretty nice considering IT WAS right under the sign. I say well I don't know. It was right under the sign but maybe it was the only one. I don't know.  Since I was not requesting the bigger bag for that price I don't really see the need she had to say that.    The cashier then says to me,  well there's no reason to get upset.  I'm thinking am I entering the twilight zone.  I WASN'T upset.  I was trying to help them because I found it in the wrong spot & someone else might too.  But now I'm actually starting to get ticked.  Cause I know my intentions were good & I don't like people thinking they aren't, I generally thought I was helping them out by saying they might want to check.  UGH! Anyway... she finishes up ringing me up & gives me my "store printed" coupons.. Don't you know? THE $10 COUPON isn't there... & I have to go CUSTOMER Service to get one printed!!!!! WTF!!! Well they got their wish NOW I am really upset!.........& when I get home I remember that with everything else going on, I never said anything about the soup, so I paid the regular price! DOUBLE UGH!

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