Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's new with me...

So I start a new job on Monday----just a part time job at a drug store.  But I'm kind of excited,  mostly because I haven't had a job in a while & it'll be good to make some extra money & get out of the house for a bit.  We have lots of home repairs we've been putting off, not to mention college expenses in a few years for Emily--- so it's definitely going to be helpful to have a little extra money.   The great thing is that it's really close to our house,  so if need be I could even walk to work.  I guess it's maybe a mile a way. It took like a month to get the job... I was grateful I could be patient since we've been surviving on one income already & I didn't really have the pressure of HAVING to find something immediately.   It was a long process though, I was kind of surprised by just how long it took, considering it was only for a part time position.  I felt a little like I was applying for a job at the CIA. LOL!  I had two interviews... an initial one,  and another one to discuss the pre-screening test I'd need to take (drug urine test, compatibility test & background check), then I waited another few weeks to hear back with the results.  I wasn't worried about any of them... I mean I knew I didn't take drugs or anything so I felt pretty good about the likelihood of getting the job, it just required patience.  Which thankfully unlike so many others who are unemployed we were lucky we could handle.   Anyway, what else?   Emily's doing really great in school this year- in fact, she got straight A's on her first progress report. Which is really saying something.... her math this year is really tough.  I was helping her study.... & man o man am I happy that the book gives the answers to the odd problems cause I'd have no clue,  I have to google practically everything.  Which makes me sound really dumb I know,  but I'm just gonna blame it on the 25+ years I haven't done it & the fact that she's in a very advanced math program.  In fact it's the "exact" same class as the High School Algebra level--- and their last test in the class is the high school's final & determines if they will jump to Geometry in High school.  So I'm happy she's doing well in it.  She amazes me with how easy this stuff comes to her.  She's really blessed that way.  Brian's been away for the last few weeks but is coming home soon--- I can't wait, I really miss him.  He was a way for our Anniversary which was a bummer.... but he sent the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries.  As I stated on facebook... the best present would have been him being home but they were a pretty good substitute...LOL! ;) They were awesome!!! Really- Emily & I ate the 12 strawberries in two & 1/2 days! I want more!!!! LOL! I told Brian he should sent me some more as a Congratulations gift for my new job! He didn't go for it,  he said not at that price! LOL!   Anyway... feeling very blessed right now.  I just hope that I like the job & that it eases some of our burden.  Take Care everyone.  It's almost the weekend. :)

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