Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy Saturday!!! :) Brian's been away for 2 weeks & comes home tonight!!! YAY!    Em & I miss him so much.  It just isn't the same.  We manage but it's hard not having him here with us.  Our family isn't complete.  Anyway, just thought I'd hop on & give a little update of what's been going on.  Let's see...    The last two weeks with Brian being away I asked for a light schedule at work & have only worked 2 days,  my paycheck is going to be so pathetic.  But oh's a little more difficult when Brian's away to work too much.  I was so happy that my work was able to honor my wishes & allowed me to have less hrs than normal.   My manager was so sweet to do that for me and I'm grateful.  But when I went in on Thursday to work though, I got some sad news... the manager who hired me,  is no longer there.  I don't know exactly what happened & it's not really too much of my business anyway.  I'm just grateful to him for having hired me & for the kindness he showed to me while he was there.    I hope he finds something soon & that it ends up being a positive thing for him in the long run.  What else... Oh yes... Emily went to her first middle school dance last night.   Her friend Madeline had asked her if she was going & if she was, did she want to carpool there together.  I was kind of "Happily" surprised when Emily said she wanted to go.   Emily is generally kind of a loner & has never expressed much interest in going to one before.  So... GO EMILY! We've been encouraging her to get more involved in activities in school.   She decided on her own to go & I was super happy about that!   What's even better is she said she had a great time!!!  Apparently there isn't tooo much "dancing" at the "dance" but Emily said Madeline taught her the "cup" song & she & the kids danced a couple of "group" dances.  Cotton Eye joe & some "shuffle" song.    It was kind of excited too because it was the first time Emily was picked up by a friend's dad & taken somewhere with out us being involved.  I was all alone without Brian here & waiting for Emily to get home from a dance.  Those two hours moved so slow.  It really put things into prospective & I felt well like a.... "teenager's mom".  It was kind of exciting & scary all at the same time.  :)  But it was a good thing.

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