Friday, June 12, 2015

Emily...a stylist? Who knew?

So Emily is going to her first "semi-formal" dance tonight.  It's her 8th grade dance.  She picked out this really pretty cobalt blue dress, that is very modest (If you knew Emily this would not surprise you,  while some teenagers push the "sexy" thing,  we have a rule stickler so if the school says no this or no that... Emily wouldn't ever think about breaking the rules, even for a dance... we are LUCKY!  LOL! ) but the dress looks so beautiful on her!!    I was quite impressed because at the store I wasn't sure about it but she was like oh, this is the one I want. & you know what?   She was totally right, it's so perfect for her, she tried it on in the store.. but last night when she did her little dress "rehearsal" ... with her shoes, & stockings.  She looked SO beautiful!  I couldn't believe how "grown up" she looked too.   I hope she has a great time tonight.  We haven't been given a lot of information about the dance.  Emily said the school said it wasn't "Prom" & that people shouldn't treat it as such.  I didn't know exactly what that meant.  I mean I know it doesn't cost $100 to go to & no one will probably show up in limos but I had a sneaky suspicion that the girls would get dressy dressed up.  IF Emily had it her way,  she would have showed up in So I suggested to Emily that maybe she should text a friend to find out what they are going to wear. (Plus.. I figured it was a good way for Emily to have what we call "a friend moment"  since Emily needs a little help in that department)   So she texted her friend Reilly.  She's a wonderful girl &  has always been a good friend to Emily.   Reilly's wearing a dress & yes it's fancy... lol. But the best part...They ended up having a text conversation & Reilly even asked Emily to come over maybe for pictures before the dance.  YES!!!  I was like, "see Emily the kids want to be your friends, it just takes reaching out & making efforts" She was smiling from ear to ear after their "conversation".  It made me so happy to see Emily happy like that too.   Anyway... as easy as the dress was to get, the shoes were another thing.  We recently found out that Emily's feet are actually two different sizes.  One foot is a 2 & the other is a 2 1/2 ... yes that size two.  Like the size that most 8 years old wear.  Whatever... she just has teeny tiny feet.  But it does make it more difficult to shop for.   Then again we can look at it in a positive light... her shoes generally cost less.  ;)   But because dressy shoes have to really fit well.  We were having a real hard time finding anything that would work.  When we were at the mall, we went to the store "The Shoe Dept" to see, & while they had plenty of options.  The size 3's were swimming on her & the size 2's were a bit tight.  We ended up going with a "sandal" type shoe that was a wedge high heel. Again, I wasn't sure and initially didn't like it but it looks great w. the dress & the silver goes really really well with the cobalt blue.  again, I was wrong.. LOL! Emily is going to be thrilled with this blog, as I keep admitting that I was wrong & she was RIGHT... lol.   Anyway.   for my part I've been trying to learn how to French braid her hair.  Just to do a little something special with her hair for the dance.... well what I've learned is that French braiding hair is hard.  I must have watched 50 youtube videos on how to do it, & while I get the concept, the "actual" doing it is another thing.. basically it looks like crap.. think birds nest.. lol.  I'm blaming it on the fact I never had one of those "Barbie heads" when I was a little girl.  You know the one's I'm talking about?  The big heads with hair that you could style.  Never had one... & while I never was a girly girl really.   I kind of did always want one of them.  lol   We'll see.... I did actually managed to do a side "French braid" on me that looked pretty good... so I'll see how it goes tonight (I'm not expecting much).   If not I'll just use a straightener on it & call it a  Anyway... it's an exciting day!!! Fingers crossed she has a great, super funtastic time!  :)

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