Thursday, June 4, 2015

For Emily

So Emily will be graduating 8th grade soon.  She came in from school the other day & said, "so it's official (she likes grand statements)... there are only 11 school days left til the end of the school year!" (9 as of today) WOW!  It blows my mind how fast the time goes.  If you are reading this and you're having a hard busy day running after your toddler,  take a breath, take a moment & just enjoy.  Mark it down.  Ask them silly questions & listen to their silly answers.  It's going to go by soooo fast.  They will grow into amazing people & each chapter of their childhood will be filled with amazing moments.  BUT It just goes by so fast.... super fast.  I love the quote that goes something like this,  "Parenting... The days may be long but the years are quick"  It's so true.  So Emily as this school year is ending & your next chapter about to begin, remember you are capable of so much & that I love you.  I have loved every moment with you,  you make me so very proud of the person, you are becoming & I can't wait to witness the amazing moments of your life that have yet to come.  You are the bestest kiddo.  I love you!!!!  -Mommy

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