Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Me & you we're complicated
Our love isn't always ideal
The picture perfect fairytale
isn't always life being real

We've been together a long time
Most of it's been great
But I'd be lying to say it all has
So I'll set the record straight

Sometimes I feel like the last on your mind
Instead of the first, or second
Love is harder than I imagined
I guess I was being naïve I reckon

I'm flawed and nowhere near perfect
 But in your eyes I hoped you see
A more perfect version anyway
Cause I cant imagine a you without me

I want to be your everything
Your morning and your night
Your vision of me wouldn't be
Of anything less than all right

Wishing nothing more than each to see
The gifts we have to give
Why we fell in love
And the way we still can live

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