Monday, November 7, 2016

A plea... one day left... please read.

So I really like Hillary & I support her whole heartily I think she's going to make an amazing president but I'm not going to go into all the reasons I think that. Because I don't believe that's going to change some minds.  A lot of you don't like her.  Maybe you even hate her.   I don't understand why you feel that way... but I get that for what ever reason you do. SO I want to speak to you about NOT why you should vote for Hillary,  because I think for many of you, you simply won't.  I want to speak to you simply about why you shouldn't vote for him.   This is what Tr$mp has done in just this election process...he's divided the country even more, hell even so many in his own party don't support most of what he's said or done, he's created hate, he's elicited violence & fear to name just a few.    Also, personally I've noticed way less "vocal" support for him from reasonable people, people I consider friends, even the ones I know who are supporting him haven't been singing his praises, because really what is there to praise.  He's inexperienced, he's a bully, he's got bankrupt businesses, he's angry, he says inappropriate things, (LIKE ALL THE TIME) and so much more.  Needless to say,  I don't understand how anyone could support him.   I get that you might not like Hillary or her policies but she's at least reasonable. She's at least kind. Ok so she's made a few mistakes.  She shouldn't have said his supporters were deblorables... she should have just said he was.  She's made mistakes in a 30+ yr career.. who hasn't?  But she's respected by her colleagues, above that... she's respected by so many republicans, who have come out in support of her not because they wanted to, but because they are putting COUNTRY OVER PARTY.   That has got to tell you something?  I'd much rather go with someone who knows how to run a country, who's got experience, quite frankly, more than anyone ever, who's levelheaded than w/ someone like Donald, who you know in your gut is at the very least... a serious gamble.  This is our country, right? the one we love?  You are willing to gamble our security, our way of life for him.  He's not even respectful or in my opinion "kind". You want to put our liberties, our standing in the world, the very reasons why America is the greatest country in the world,  in the hands of someone like him.  To me, that's dangerous  We have children & grandchildren to think of.    I say... If you have any doubts don't do it.  Don't VOTE for him.  Clue #1.... If you're embarrassed to admit you support him maybe it's because you don't. 

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